a particularly beautifully bound book

A few years ago, I brought home a book from my grandmother’s house. It contains 3 stories from Faulkner, Steinbeck, and Eugene O’Neill, but its contents are less important than the physical book itself. It’s so beautiful that I need to show you pictures:
Inline image 1
Notice the glossy, embossed cover, and that bookmarking ribbon.

Inline image 3
The edges of the sheets are gold! And the book is bound with string instead of glue.

Inline image 4
The inside and outside covers have this nice swirly design.

Inline image 5
The book has these stylized illustrations of the authors

Inline image 6
The paper is very high quality. The two-column layout with large page borders is very good for reading.

I’m sure my delight in this book is testing your patience. The takeaway message is that the physical beauty of the book really enhanced the reading experience for me, and I wonder why books this beautiful aren’t available today. This particular book was apparently one that you bought from a catalog. Even an assiduous Kindle reader like me would surely read more physical books if they were as durable and aesthetically impressive as this one.


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