an update for my patient readers

popcorn fat cat spectator
Enjoy the show!

As you, the reader, have probably noticed, I have not written any blog posts in 16 days. I didn’t expect how difficult it would be to produce anything coherent and interesting. Despite the anxiety that this writer’s block has caused me, I am nevertheless grateful to have identified these issues now as opposed to later. Unlike a competitive job environment, this blog is a safe space to work on becoming a more consistent, less perfectionistic writer. Truth be told, the prospect of analyzing and ultimately overcoming this challenge is quite exciting! My suspicion is that the solution to my writer’s block will depend less so on scholarly research and self-reflection (both of which I enjoy doing) than on consistent practicing and a conscious effort to lower my standards for what constitutes a publishable blog post (which I dread!). I am fortunate, also, to have the support of friends and family in this endeavor to improve myself.


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