tada ima!

tada ima (ただいま) is a Japanese expression that can be translated as “Here I am” or “I’m home”. tada ima is an abbreviation of the phrase tada ima kaerimashita (ただいまかえりました), which is best translated as “I have arrived just now.” By itself, tada ima means “just now”, as in “at this very moment”. So, by greeting someone with tada ima, isn’t the implication that the current moment has been made especially important simply by virtue of your arrival? This greeting seems a bit puzzling to me because in most domains the Japanese language is structured in such a way that you almost cannot help but be self-effacing.

(Oh, yes; tada ima is also an especially appropriate sentiment for an inaugural blog post. Welcome to neuroplume!)


2 thoughts on “tada ima!

  1. Hey Greg,

    That a fair amount of meta-thinking you have going there. I don’t recall stewing so much about going to grad school. I think your experience working in Cold Spring Harbor makes you more of a known quantity to grad schools who are just trying to admit people who will be able to do independent research. I have known a few smart people who did not finish grad school because they could not do independent research. But you are very familiar with what that is so you should be able to determine if you want to do it. Just my impression. Love, Sharon

  2. I hope the same joyous assurance with which you enter the blogosphere carries over into other areas of your life! Welcome Greg!

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